Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Semi Permanent Makeup in Surrey

The Hartley Clinic has been featured in the magazine "Life in Haslemere"

The Hartley Clinic was opened in 2011, and is owned and run by Jan Jordan. 

Jan trained and qualified in London's famous "Harley Street", and is a Fully Certified, Insured and Licensed Semi-Permanent Makeup Specialist based in Surrey.

Jan specialises in Eyebrows. Eyeliner, and Lips, giving you the perfect lasting look that you have always wanted.

Micropigmentation, or Semi-Permanent Makeup, as it is also known. is a process by which pigment is applied to the epidermal skin layers and the first "Reticular"dermal layer of the skin using very fine needles.

It is a safe and extremely effective way of enhancing your natural looks, and means that you  can dispense with a lot of products in your makeup bag, such as Brow pencils, lip liner and eyeliner.

The result can last for years, and in the long run, saves you a lot of time, and money on cosmetics!